We are changing the way of ownership and wealth distribution of large corporations.

You and the other users will be the owners of this platform.

Why did we start this platform?

We see that there is unfairness in the way that current jobs, gigs, freelancer platforms are charging their users, even if not intentionally, they are applying fees and transactions costs, in a way that systematically undermine and disincentive a long-term exchange of services. Constantly needing for new money to flow in to keep this exchange of services that are skimmed by transactions costs. Unintentionally or not, by prioritizing their profits, over the interests and needs of new digital economies.

The Problem with Transaction costs

The currency market today works in a so-called zero-sum-game. If you have 100$ and give 50$ to someone, you lose 50$ and he gains 50$.

Now, in any platform or institution that should incentivize the circulation of goods and services, having transaction costs has an extremely damaging impact. Why? Considering a platform with a 20% transaction fee. Every time you pay for a service, 20% goes to the platform.

Let’s assume that you only have 100$ and you pay a developer 100$ for his services. He is going to receive 80$, while 20$ goes to the platform. Now, he wants to hire a designer with his remaining 80$. The designer is going to receive 64$ and the platform 16$. After less than 10 passages, 90% of the capitals are now owned by the platform, and very little liquidity is left for the users to exchange, unless new users come in and bring more liquidity.

This system disincentivizes the exchanges of goods and services, and in the long run creates flaws in the wealth distribution system, on small and large scales.

The Bigger Problem Today

One of the biggest challenges in our society is the way that money, resources and ownerships are distributed:

It applies to governments, companies, online platforms, businesses, and unicorns where a small pool of shareholders has ownership over most of the resources, creating multi-billion conglomerates that have made their profits thanks to their users/employees, but where the majority of those resources and control is held by a very small number of people.

Among the negative effects that are created and that we aim to solve with this platform are:

Scarcity or low circulation of resources/money:

When most of the resources are stuck in a few hands, economies struggle with having enough liquidity to grow, trade or exchange services and goods. This effect also applies to startups, companies and innovation, where young entrepreneurs have very limited access to resources that are necessary to develop new projects/technologies.

Slower economies = slower innovation.

It’s a vicious circle. The less circulation of resources, the harder it is to create innovation and solutions. And central banks are often forced to print more currency, in order to inject liquidity into the market. Leading down to inflation. All of this can be avoided by creating more fair platforms, companies and by incentivizing circular economies.

Our Solution


Utilizing a system of internal credits that are interchangeable with dollars and/or Time (Fvtura credits) we are able to allow unlimited transactions with NO TRANSACTION COSTS. With this solution, any user can be at the same a client and service provider, exchanging time for time or time for dollars, with no resources being drawn out from costs/fees/spreads.

(see also the circular economy page)


For maintaining and growing the platform. Only when (and if) a service provider decides to convert credits back into cash, exiting the circular economy, there is a one-time fee of 20%, which goes to the maintenance of platform. In exchange, the service provider receives the same worth of the fee in Fvtura Shares, making him/her effectively a shareholder of the platform. By using this platform, you are helping to build a better world, find out more, check out nextbillionjobs.com/impact .


Every service provider will own a piece of the company. We want to create a fairer world where large corporations are entirely owned by their users, employees and members. We are giving an example to the world, by transferring the ownership to you and to all the people who are creating value in the FVTURA Ecosystem and for the betterment of society. Our focus is not profits, but fairness. This is part of a larger movement on creating better wealth distribution and ownership over platforms and corporations. (check #here4more)

Find out more on how we are planning to create a better society, and be part of this change at FVTURA.