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Giannandrea Giammanco CEO, Business and Impact Consultancy (80% discount till march 2020)
12 years experience 14 projects worked Singapore
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10 Years of experience in finance and asset management. I’ve lived in different countries, understanding markets and economies. Few years ago, after retiring from my financial job, I’ve decided to dedicate my full time to positive impact projects, and, starting to shape a better society. 

I can help with:

Supporting entrepreneurs and companies planning to launch or expand in Europe and Asia, doing fundraising, bootstrapping or developing value-driven technologies and impactful projects.

I can support: > Fine-tuning the project strategy, POC, MVP, go to market. > Building a business plan, financial plan, sustainability plan, scenario planning, and financial forecasts. > Creating a clear narrative for clients and investors > Supporting Industry & Competitors’ Analysis > SWOT Analysis > Tailored Marketing Plan > Developing Pitch & Investment Deck > Introducing strategic connections (if beneficial)

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    1.00$ January 31, 2020

    thank you!

Work Experiences

  • CEO


    September 2017 - Now

    Fvtura is developing and supporting projects for the betterment of our society and environment. Creating a better future through innovation, projects, technologies that are solving key problems of our society.

    To define impact we have developed a system to focus and track what problems these projects are solving while measuring and avoiding possible negative impact as collateral effects.

  • CTO

    MG Starlight, Trading Technologies (Malta)

    April 2010 - February 2014

  • CEO

    ConsultcareFx, Asset Management (Switzerland)

    January 2013 - August 2016

    in 2014 I joined ConsultcareFX private asset management company based in Switzerland, who manages trading currencies on behalf of private investors or their professional wealth managers. Becoming one of the youngest Asset Manager at the time. With a new vision, the company moved into innovative self-learning neural algorithm technology instead of traditional human traders. Proving to be the beginning of revolutionary path in changes the scenery of financial trading. The company was focused in developing, self-learning technologies in software development, creating advanced platforms and lowering the cost of financial products and services tremendously, thus open the possibility for public, in accessing many financial products that were too expensive before.

  • CEO

    AlgoHybrid, Fund Management Technologies & Ai (Singapore)

    September 2015 - September 2017