May 9, 2020
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Real-time dashboard UX for operating rooms in a hospital

ISM, interactive surgical manager

As a project of the national policy, our team built a better medical software solution for both medical teams and patients.

ISM is aiming to solve the problem of managing medical teams, medical supplies information, and track all history of emergency notification during surgery. By creating real-time software that automatically synchronizes, ISM reduces possible human errors, the omission of information and hygiene issues.

Intending to create a better medical experience in an operating room, we started from research to figure out the most pain points, and narrowed down our targeted group and environment. Then by conducting ethnographic approaches(shadowing, contextual inquiry, focus group interview, in-depth interview), we found out the real problems and possible solutions. After then, we brainstormed ideas and transformed into implemented solutions.

Real-time synchronization
Medical software
Supplies management tool

– Managing the project and timeline of all design process

– Defining user scenarios and UX key features

– Designing Main UI design

– Analyzing the result of user research