May 9, 2020
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The social influencer marketing platform

Social Club is a bridge between brands and social influencers, influencers and customers. We built the platform where influencers can join with their social account, and be able to become an ambassador for brands that they want to support with their followers.

We found out that the trend of social commerce in the Instagram platform is getting popular and common in the Korean market. But there was no platform to curate all of these deals with their influencer pool. So we created, tested out, improved, and settled as one of the largest influencer marketing platforms.

Matchmaking algorithm
Data analysis
Social media management
Digital marketing

– Creating new customer experience and journey suitable for an influencer commercial platform

– Designing the first version of the commerce platform (web/mobile web) for the users and influencers

– Creating a marketing campaign platform for brands

– Designing the campaign analysis report for brands

– Designing the company website v.1-v.2

– Developing brand assets

– Designing the business proposal presentations

– Designing the whole customer experience

– Designing eCommerce banner ads